From farm to cup: Happy cows equals healthier milk


Happy cows produce better quality milk

At the Kompleks Tenusu, Muadzam Shah, Pahang, strict guidelines are imposed to ensure their cows are well bred. After all, happy cows produce better quality milk.

[VIDEO 1 of 3] Yes, it’s proven, the happier a cow is the better the quality of their milk is.

At Kompleks Tenusu, Muadzam Shah, cows are kept happy so that they produce quality milk. Hence, happier cows produce better quality milk.

[VIDEO 2 of 3] What makes Kompleks Tenusu Muadzam Shah, Pahang the largest fresh milk producing dairy farm in Malaysia.

A walk down the barn of a dairy farm tells the story of how fresh milk is produced daily and what makes Kompleks Tenusu, Muadzam Shah Malaysia’s largest fresh milk producing dairy farm.

[VIDEO 3 of 3] If you think only humans need manicure and pedicure, think again. Here’s why.

It may be a tedious task for caretakers but cow grooming is a serious business at Kompleks Tenusu Muadzam Shah. Why?

Find out more in our soon-to-be-published full video.




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