WOWComm 2019: First zero-waste event in South-East Asia gets support from DPM

The Road to Sustainability in Business. Photo:

Greetings from the team that brings you WOWComm 2019!

Communication and business sustainability are two challenging concepts for many businesses across most industries. We understand your struggle and we hear you.

WOWComm 2019 brings a pool of seasoned industry players and thought leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented in communication and business sustainability.

Sponsored and supported by organisations in the public and private sectors alike, WOWComm 2019 is the conference to attend among professionals to gain insights from the media, corporations, and government bodies.

Key takeaways include:

  • Sustainable business models and strategies to thrive in markets where consumers are becoming more sustainable-conscious
  • Building relationships with the media to strengthen your company’s corporate communication
  • Kick-start discussion on business sustainability and corporate responsibility on achieving sustenance among peers in the industry
  • Networking access with the media, government bodies, and Malaysian corporations across top management levels
  • Committed to sustainability, WOWComm 2019 is the first conference in Malaysia that practices zero waste, which means that all materials will be strictly recycled, reused and reduced. We want you to be a part of the conversation to communicate with a cause.

Source from Malay Mail: WOWComm 2019 – First zero-waste event in South-east Asia gets support from DPM

Seats are limited so register now ⬇️

Looking forward to see you at WOWComm 2019!




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