Justice served, at last

When the law and a strong legal team comes to the aid of an unlawfully sacked employee, it is then that justice is served, at last. - File Pic Courtesy of FB Industrial Court Malaysia.

RECENTLY someone who’s close to me won an out-of-court settlement for being unlawfully dismissed from work about 2 years ago.

During the 2 years, he suffered anguish and humiliation over a spate of unfounded allegations and personal attacks including conspiring to run down the company he was working in and moonlighting.

Irony is, all these unfounded allegations only surfaced after he filed a case in the Industrial Court for unlawful dismissal.

Prior to that, he was informed of his sacking via a letter saying the reason for dismissal was because his superior was no longer in the company.

Hence, there was no reason to keep him.

In fact, he was complimented for his work and years of service at the company.

What does this prove?

Clearly, the accusations against him were afterthoughts in order to character assassinate and build a case against him so that the company will win and not have to pay any compensation.

As it turns out, the case did not go to trial and after further negotiations, the employee or Claimant was granted an out-of-court settlement of 6 months’ salary as compensation for loss of employment and as full and final settlement of the Claimant’s claim.

News of this despite being less than what the Claimant expected, was received with a sigh of relief and a sign to move on.

Thanks to his patience, a strong, committed and passionate legal team plus the arms of the law of course, that this issue was put to rest.

Was justice served?

Yes, to a certain extent as the employee/ Claimant had an avenue to go to for being dismissed unlawfully or illegally.

Even though it took 2 years for his case to be settled but at the end of the day, justice was served.

For that reason, we must always remember that the law is for everyone, whether you’re poor or rich, employer or employee.

If you are treated unfairly, there are laws in this country that will protect you.

Hence, it will not be easy for the newly-minted government to terminate the contracts of the 17,000 political appointees which they said are to be axed in order to reduce government expenditure and wastage.

Dr M: We need to sort this out

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says, “We need to sort this out.”

On whether civil servants would be laid off, Dr Mahathir said senior officers who were suspected of wrongdoing would be asked to go on leave.

“It depends on the particular actions we can take to remove them from being a part of the government,” said Dr Mahathir.

As for the political appointees, irrespective of what their political convictions are, to be fair to them, they were just doing their jobs.

They should be treated fairly and compensated accordingly.

Otherwise, there is always the law to fall back on.

It is only in the court of law that the truth shall be revealed.

Hence for all the smearing, allegations and accusations that has dominated our social media landscape thus far, do take it with a pinch of salt.

Take it from me, a Journalist, when I tell you that not everything you read and hear is the truth.

Don’t take anything at face value.

Look elsewhere, look deeper and hopefully, you will find the answer, the truth.

Until then, an innocent man remains innocent until proven guilty.




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