At FIX FACTORY, we give you more than just training

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At FIX FACTORY, we give you more than just training…  

We develop you by offering options, choices, changes in perspective and attitude.

We give you an opportunity for the sort of ‘Aha!’ experience that allows you to develop quickly and radically.

Especially in this day and age…

When news spread like wild fire…

When every media question is a possible crisis…

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How do you avert crisis?

How do you tackle difficult questions?

How do you buy time in a difficult situation?

From facing combative and hard-hitting TV and radio journalists to your local newspaper reporters, our Media Skills training makes sure you’re prepared for the best and the worst.

We are specialized in tailoring in-house programmes to address specific media or public relations issues within your own company. 

For businesses and governments having one or two spokespeople dealing with the media, they face the ‘heat’ and they are the public ‘voice’ and ‘face’.

What if they don’t have good media skills?

What if they don’t know how to handle even the toughest media interview?

The outcome can be embarrassing, even disastrous.

On another level, what about people in your company who have to ‘meet the press’ on a regular basis?

People who have to field media queries and create media interest and excitement.

Do you have the right people to deal with emergencies and crisis?

Are they well-prepared to ensure they aren’t swayed by the media or coerced into saying something they shouldn’t say.

You may have a big event, a campaign and you want to grab the media’s attention.

There are a million and one reasons to develop your people’s media skills:

  1. To handle the media
  2. To pitch for media coverage
  3. To make sure your spokespeople are confident and capable

It’s a whole package of readiness to FACE THE MEDIA!

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How the Media Works

Just knowing how the media works and what they are trying to achieve is a tremendous step towards being able to tackle tricky situations and emerge looking good.

This media training programme looks at how to master the art of dealing with the media.

Practising your Media Skills

You’ll practise with an experienced broadcaster and interviewer, dealing head-on with the sorts of things that the media is likely to throw at you.

Media Opportunity

The opportunity to appear on television or radio will not happen very often, so let us help you with a Media Skills Training Programme that will enable you to make the most of the media exposure and, above all, to enjoy it.

5 Golden Rules of Media Interviews:

  • Get your key message across.
  • Let nothing go by default.
  • Mind your own business.
  • Only answer the question asked.
  • Avoid sounding defensive or that you’ve been ‘got’.

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