Khairy criticises “sad and petty” Mahathir

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    Khairy: Sad and petty of Dr M to compare TN50 to Vision 2020

    Being a Journalist during the Mahathir era, I can’t help but admit that the man was one of the most visionary leaders of all time.

    To him, everything he did and said had a “wow” effect to it.

    Hence when Vision 2020 was introduced by Dr Mahathir during the tabling of the Sixth Malaysia Plan in 1991, he placed Malaysia on track into becoming a self-sufficient and industrialised nation.

    Malaysia was on its way towards economic prosperity, social well-being, world-class education, political stability and psychological balance.

    This was what Dr Mahathir envisioned for Malaysia – and we adhered to it – pretty much a top-down approach.

    Whereas Putrajaya’s National Transformation Plan 2050 (TN50) is a bottom-up approach.

    The gathering of tens of thousands of aspirations from millions of Malaysians so that the nation’s future will be built on the dreams and aspirations of the people themselves.

    Youth & Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who is also in charge of National Transformation 2050 (TN50). – Asri Tajuddin / MinDef

    “TN50 is not merely the legacy of Najib, Barisan Nasional or Umno, it is the legacy of every Malaysian who has shared their aspirations,” says Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

    Clearer “vision”

    He said another difference was that Vision 2020 did not have a thorough implementation plan with quantitative targets for all the challenges presented.

    “TN50 will see a thorough implementation plan along with a clear quantitative target to achieve the country’s aspirations by 2050.

    Khairy was responding to Dr Mahathir’s comment on Wednesday that Prime Minister Najib Razak’s TN50 was an admission that he had failed to complete Vision 2020 and that 32 more years were needed to achieve the aspirations of Vision 2020.

    “Dr Mahathir should not be petty by saying that TN50 had copied his Vision 2020.

    “For you (Dr Mahathir), it is just about your personal legacy. It has been reduced to Vision 2020 versus TN50.

    Me, Myself, Mahathir

    “How sad. And how petty. I have explained countless times in great detail how both are part of the grand narrative of the Malaysian story.

    A continuum of success and development. But for you, it is all about your legacy. Me, myself, Mahathir,” he said.

    Khairy said since Vision 2020 would expire in two years, the country needed a new national aspiration that took into account recent developments that did not exist when Vision 2020 was introduced.

    “Does Dr Mahathir think that after 2020, we no longer need a long-term plan and new aspirations to bring our country forward?

    “I think Malaysians want to see us put a higher target for the next 30 years instead of being a stagnant country and no longer pursuing progress.

    Khairy hears the aspirations of young Malaysians alongside Defence Minister Dato Seri Hishammuddin Hussein at LIMA 17 – Asri Tajuddin / MinDef

    “TN50 has taken into account new developments that did not exist in the past. Vision 2020 is unable to provide Malaysia with the technology to face the future, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

    “Vision 2020 does not take into account significant future developments such as ageing society, rapid urbanisation and the need to generate green energy.

    “This is why TN50 is needed – because these are new developments that are not contained in Vision 2020.”

    KJ prides Vision 2020 

    “But, who says Vision 2020 has failed? According to World Bank forecasts, Malaysia is expected to surpass the threshold of a high-income nation (Gross National Income per capita of US$12,236) as early as 2020.

    “There is no direct effort to divert people’s views through TN50, or by any means.

    In all TN50 dialogues, I always called TN50 as continuation of long-term plans like DEB and Vision 2020. I never dismissed Vision 2020.”

    Khairy said although he disagreed with Dr Mahathir’s various policies and approaches when he was prime minister, among the things he agreed and supported was Vision 2020.

    “I am proud to be part of the Vision 2020 generation. And I want the youth today to be proud of TN50.”

    tn50 langkawi
    Mindef personnel sharing their aspirations at a TN50 event – Asri Tajuddin / MinDef


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    By Anne Edwards

    (Writer was a Journalist at The Star, Broadcaster at TV stations including TV3, RTM, NTV7 & Astro, Head of Production, News, Current Affairs & Program at Bernama TV and Managing Editor of Bloomberg TV Malaysia).





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