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Bioeconomy #BIOCHAT

This episode of #BIOCHAT takes us to the interiors of Tangkak Johore to delve into the success story of the farmers of Kampung Sagil.

In less than a year, the Kampung’s Petty Traders Association is set to reap the benefits amounting to some RM100,000 from the planting of Kacip Fatimah on a 1ha plot of land in Tangkak Johore.

The pilot project involves 10 members who will eventually expand the project on their individual land.

For each of its nine-month cycle harvest, the project has the potential to churn out between 2,000kg and 3,000kg of fresh Kacip Fatimah produce per ha.

All this has been made possible by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation(Bioeconomy Corp) through its Bioeconomy Community Development Programme (BCDP).

From left, En Asri represents the Persatuan Peniaga Kevin Kg Sagil Tangkak Johor and MD William Hon represented Bioalpha.

A programme which received a total of RM24mil from MOSTI for 34 of such projects which directly benefits the local community as well as the local health products industry.

In this case, it is via contract farming and buy-back guarantee agreement between the association and Bioalpha East Coast Agro Sdn Bhd.

In #BIOCHAT, Bioalpha is represented by its MD William Hon whilst En Asri represents the Persatuan Peniaga Kevin Kg Sagil Tangkak Johor.


About Bioalpha

A biotechnology company that’s been awarded BioNexus status by the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

R&D continues to be an integral part of its business which allows the company to develop new techniques and drive the growth of Bioeconomy within Malaysia.

Bioalpha farms quality herbs like Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Hempedu Bumi, Misai Kucing, Dukung Anak, Roselle etc.

The company serves as a hub a to disseminate knowledge to partner farmers and the on-going knowledge and best practice sharing has benefited farmers in not only increasing their yield per acre through optimum utilisation of resources, but has increased the number of crop cycles on the land considerably, reaping richer harvest.

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