Millions sealed at Bio Malaysia 2017


AECO News Day 2 & 3 Bio Malaysia 2017

We are not in Spain – birth place of pineapples, neither are we at a pineapple party.

We are at Bio Malaysia 2017 where first timers to the exhibition Naza Plantation Services are boasting their very own technologically-cultivated Tropicale.

A breed of pineapple – bright gold in colour, sweeter taste, four times Vitamin C content, lower acidity and longer shelf life.

It is of Costa Rican origin but is very much a Malaysian pineapple now – thanks to biotechnology.

Naza Plantation Services

A platinum sponsor at the event, Naza Plantation Services was among the 67 companies, most of which are agro-based, exhibiting their products and services.

Bio-Agropreneur & BCDP Programme

Help comes at the right time for these bio-based innovations.

Bio-Agropreneur Program and Bioeconomy Community Development Programme – provide participants with the solutions and knowledge needed to succeed as entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

Bioeconomy Innovation Awards (BIA)

Meanwhile, the Bioeconomy Innovation Awards (BIA) which gave out 30 awards acknowledged the innovative bio-based solutions by outstanding players from universities, research institutions and private companies.

Awarded since 2008, the BIA also matches participants with prospective business partners and investors.

The 3-day event also saw the participation of more than 6,000 trade visitors in its first 2 days and RM93 million worth of engagements sealed.


Biopharmaceutical company Biocon pledges its continuous support to the annual event.

The company is platinum sponsor this year.

Global market

The way forward is to get as many companies as possible to venture into the global market in terms of partnerships, building business-to-business relationships and getting the products to those countries and vice versa.

To better position Malaysia globally, Dr Mohd Shuhaizam intends to take the next Bio Malaysia overseas.

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Watch Malaysian BioNexus-status companies exude prominence at Bio Malaysia 2017




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