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prima solidwallvideo

Hume Cemboard : Prima Solidwall

Hume Cemboard Prima Solidwall. When the going gets rough the tough get going: a quick guide to constructing the most solid of walls for heavy duty use.
prima drywallvideo

Hume Cemboard : Prima Drywall

Hume Cemboard Prima Drywall. A step-by-step video on how to construct state-of-the-art wall panels for residential and industrial use.
mykad smart shoppervideo

MyKad Smart Shopper – Shop & Save with MyKad

Be a smart shopper by registering your MyKad with MyKad Smart Shopper for FREE and you can start to shop and save now! Watch the video for more info!
service excellencevideo

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) : Journey to a life of joy

"Service Excellence", the desired service culture by providing service leadership, service agility as well as creating a memorable customer experience.
diabetes dayvideo

World Diabetes Day 2015 : The Bittersweet Story of Diabetes

Take action now! Do everything in your power to prevent diabetes because once you have it, every day is an uphill climb. One that will make or break you.
world diabetes day teaservideo

World Diabetes Day Teaser

1 in 6 Malaysians are diabetic; the number will hit 1 in 5 Malaysian adults by 2020 (21.6%). Two people develop diabetes and 1 person dies every 10 seconds.
habib jenama warisan malaysiavideo

HABIB Jenama Warisan Malaysia

Kekayaan warisan dan evolusi HABIB sebagai peneraju industri barang kemas di Malaysia. Produced by Anne Edwards & Co for Habib Jewels Malaysia & KiniTV.
bio malaysia 2015video

BioMalaysia 2015 Highlights

Remembering Bio Malaysia & ASEAN Bioeconomy Conference & Exhibition 2015 from August 17 -19, 2015. Follow to know more about Bio Malaysia.
delay's behaviour mpc videovideo

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) : Delay’s Behaviour

"Change Yourself. If you are able to change yourself, you will be able to go very far. Learn that you are not perfect, start taking action today".
altel holdingsvideo

Altel Holdings Corporate Video

Altel Holdings tells a stunning story about how the world can be brought closer to you through telecommunication, broadcast technology services and the Web.
cmc engineering aecovideo

CMC Engineering Corporate Video

Produced by AECO and Co-produced by PiPR in super sonic time and under trying circumstances at high rise construction sites and rail tracks.