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barisan nasional or pakatan harapan choice is yours

2018: The moment of truth

As the curtain unveils to yet another challenging year, all eyes are on the elections which forsees a mud slinging match between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan.
2018 sees rapid usage of mobile payment in malaysia

2018 sees rapid usage of mobile payment in Malaysia

Over 2 million app downloads and 8 million mobile session reaffirms cashless payment including mobile payment as the ‘next wave’.
high success rate in keeping the weightvideo

Keeping the weight off once and for all

A high success rate in keeping the weight off once and for all puts the team at the Advanced Laparoscopy & Diabesity Surgical Centre of KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital at the forefront of weight management in Malaysia.
human capital ministry education tvet

Skilled Human Capital Tops List of Most Wanted

A high demand for skilled human capital in Malaysia opens yet a new chapter for students in technical and vocational training, dispelling the notion that this area of education is a mere dumping ground.
khairy kj tn50

Khairy criticises “sad and petty” Mahathir

In expressing regret over Dr Mahathir's recent personal attacks against TN50, Khairy Jamaluddin describes the former premier as being "sad and petty".
transformasi pernamavideo

Transformasi PERNAMA memberi kemudahan kepada warga ATM

Transformasi Kompleks Mutiara Armada Lumut dilancarkan seiring dengan pelbagai kemudahan termasuk jualan harga murah serta penggunaan teknologi terkini melalui pelaksanaan e-dagang online.
rawang bypassvideo

Scenic Rawang Bypass Opens

After more than a decade of construction, the scenic Rawang Bypass has opened to motorists beginning 6am, November 29, 2017. 
nbos bcdp tropicalevideo

BCDP Pineapple Farming Project rakes in RM10.8 million annually

Malaysia’s pineapple industry is set to expand following the launch of the first Pineapple Farming Project in Perak under the BCDP.
aces awards 2017video

ACES celebrate Asia’s finest leaders

ACES unveil winners of leadership and sustainable businesses in the Asian region at Intercontinental Hotel Singapore on October 26, 2017.
buletin mindef bajet 2018 perkasa perwiravideo

Buletin Mindef – Bajet 2018 #PerkasaPerwira

RM14 bilion untuk pertahanan negara - ATM bakal memperoleh 20 aset baru menerusi Bajet 2018. Kerajaan meluluskan apa yang dipohon ketiga tiga cabang ATM.
ds 2017

Malaysia sertai DS 2017 di Thailand

Malaysia menggunakan platform DS 2017 Thailand dalam rangka promosi DSA 2018 yang bakal berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur April 16-19, 2018.
hishammuddin tn50dvideo

Buletin MinDef – TN50D #PerkasaPerwira

Dalam usaha memperkasa perwira Menteri Pertahanan Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin mengalihkan usaha penambahan aset kepada kebajikan anggota ATM.
bioeconomy wellness clustervideo

Strong public interest for Bioeconomy’s Wellness Cluster at NICE 2017

Bioeconomy Corp's Wellness Cluster successfully attracts over 8,000 visitors generating RM30,000 sales at NICE Expo 2017.
hr ministry mulling laws protect employees with hiv aidsvideo

HR Ministry mulling laws to protect employees living with HIV /...

HR Ministry may make it compulsory for companies to comply with the Code of Practice preventing HIV / AIDS sufferers from discrimination at the workplace.
overwhelming response wellness nice 2017video

Overwhelming Response for Wellness at NICE 2017

The overwhelming response at Bioeconomy Corp’s Wellness Cluster at NICE 2017 calls for Malaysia to keep up with advances in wellness-related innovations.
trilateral air patrol 2017video

Buletin MinDef – Trilateral Air Patrol (TAP) 2017

Malaysia, Indonesia dan Filipina melancarkan operasi pemantauan udara di bawah inisiatif Trilateral Air Patrol (TAP) di Laut Sulu bagi menangani isu jenayah.
wellness cluster video press releasevideo

Wellness Cluster at NICE Expo 2017 Video Press Release (VPR)

The Wellness Cluster at the 5-day NICE Expo 2017 concluded successfully with over 8,000 visitors, generating sales worth RM30,000.
compilation bio malaysia 2017video

Compilation of Bio Malaysia 2017

A compilation of videos showcasing a series of news coverage & special reports on Bio Malaysia 2017 brought exclusively to you on AECO News.
Bio Malaysia 2017video

Millions sealed at Bio Malaysia 2017

Strategic collaboration at Bio Malaysia 2017 boost the country's biotech sector and global competitiveness by the millions.
bio malaysia 2017video

Malaysian BioNexus-status companies exude prominence at Bio Malaysia 2017

Bio Malaysia 2017 unveils the prominence of 286 Malaysian BioNexus-status companies and their success in undertaking more aggressive commercialisation.
bio malaysia 2017 anneedwardstvvideo

Why visit Bio Malaysia 2017?

A list of reasons why Bio Malaysia 2017 should not be missed. We bring you this special edition of #biomalaysia2017 for the next 3 days on AECO news.