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Lite Frontpage with Rizal Zulkapli & Anne Edwards

The Lite Breakfast Front Page, Anchor at Astro AWANI Global, Rizal Zulkapli and Veteran Journalist, Anne Edwards joins us on #Frontpage to discuss the latest news that matter.
hoe to pitch like a provideo

Media Buzz: How to pitch like a pro?

Episode 6 Media Buzz dives into how you can get media coverage by getting into the mind of a journalist and pitching like a pro.
killer press releasevideo

Media Buzz: How to write a killer press release?

Everyone may know how to write a press release but writing a killer press release will ensure your story gets published. Watch Episode 5 now!

A life after journalism

Journalism in Malaysia doesn't pay much but it opens doors to people, places and a life unimaginable. Here's my up, close and very personal account of life.
If I were a Minister

If I were a Minister

Half the battle is won if our ministers implement measures in order to communicate better internally with their staff on new policies and plans before it's announced.
How to look good in a media interviewvideo

Media Buzz: How to look good in a media interview?

Episode 4 Media Buzz with Anne Edwards is an eye opener to the dos and don’ts to observe if you want to look good in a media interview.
ringgit malaysia

Can money buy class?

Can flashy designer handbags and diamonds buy you class? Here to bedazzle you with our interpretation of "class" and how you can achieve it for free!
emergency media trainingvideo

Media Buzz: Fastest way to prepare for an emergency media interview

Episode 3 "Media Buzz with Anne Edwards" shares with you powerful tips on how to ace an emergency media interview.

Do our ministers need media training?

The question of whether our ministers need media training is all the more relevant now given the amount of flak they have drawn in the media world.
how do you handle a hostile reportervideo

Media Buzz: How do you handle a hostile reporter?

Episode 2 of “Media Buzz with Anne Edwards” takes it up a notch in sharing important tips on how to handle a hostile reporter and interview.
managing crisis in malaysia

Managing a crisis in sensitive Malaysia

Stop stressing over advertising that gets flak and start preparing yourself and your company in managing a crisis in sensitive Malaysia.

Media Buzz: Why do you need media training?

Why you need media training?: it helps you deliver your message in a powerful way and don't do all the mistakes that you do on air.
media training booking form

Media Buzz: Training Booking Form

Help us to serve you better by letting us know your details and training requirements via our Media Buzz Training Booking Form.
beban tugas guru - pengurusan data pendidikanvideo

Menangani Beban Tugas Guru: Pengurusan Data Pendidikan Mudah Dan Cekap

Siri video menggariskan inisiatif KPM dalam mengurangkan beban tugas guru menerusi pengurusan data pendidikan lebih mudah dan cekap.
year of the boar 2019 aetv

A more favourable Year of the Boar 2019

A more favourable Year of the Boar 2019 and with many changes around the world, Malaysians are in for more surprises in its political front.
EP1 Amsterdam, Brusselsvideo

Going Places, Summer in Europe

You know Europe is not a destination but a mind-blowing journey when you absorb its beauty, from stunning architecture to alluring waterways and scenery.

At FIX FACTORY, we give you more than just training

Here’s inviting all spokespersons or PR practitioners making an impact with the media to call us at FIX FACTORY where we give you more than just training.

Amsterdam boosts AIDS 2018 to end epidemic

When Amsterdam brings together world’s AIDS leaders from 160 countries and boosts a week of “breaking barriers and building bridges” at AIDS 2018.

Anneedwardstv.com honoured at Red Ribbon Media Awards 2018

What an achievement it is for anneedwardstv.com to be honoured the Red Ribbon Media Awards and earning a full scholarship to attend AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
copy_book launch

Red Ribbon Media Awards 2018: “Words, images as powerful as treatment,...

The best in HIV/AIDS journalism were honoured, progress celebrated and lives remembered at Malaysian AIDS Foundation’s silver jubilee bash.